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Marcela Jiménez

Comité Mujeres TIC:

Comité de empoderamiento


Marcela Jiménez

Senior Sales Director Microsoft Solutions

Business leader with more than 20 years of experience in technology and education industries, 17 years in progressive regional and local marketing, sales and business unit manager positions, and a proven track record of exceeded company goals and expectations.

Adaptative, team-oriented, motivated by change and organized with excellent communication to create valuable relationships and establish credibility with customers, partners, employees and management team. Strategic planner with comprehensive managerial acumen, involving partners and marketing-product

resources to achieve business objectives.

Sector e industria:

Tecnología, TIC

Temas en los que se especializa:

Seguridad, CRM, Business applications, Trabajo hÍbrido, Productividad, Low Code

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